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ZuumMedia D8960H-H-BK User Manual Download

ZuumMedia D8960H-H-BK User Manual Download

The ZuumMedia D8960H-H-BK is an 8 channel 960H high performance standalone DVR with HDMI 1080p output. It features embedded Linux operating system, H.264 compression, remote access by various browsers and mobile devices, front LCD display, SATA 2.6*2 (Max 8TB) storage, and more. If you are looking for the user manual of this device, you can download it from the following link:

Download File:

The user manual contains detailed instructions on how to install, configure, operate, and troubleshoot the DVR. It also provides information on the specifications, features, and functions of the device. The user manual is in PDF format and can be viewed with any PDF reader software.

Some of the topics covered in the user manual are:

  • Introduction and overview of the DVR

  • Front panel, rear panel, and remote control description

  • Hard disk installation and management

  • Basic operation of the DVR, such as power on/off, login/logout, menu navigation, etc.

  • Video and audio settings, such as resolution, frame rate, quality, etc.

  • Recording settings and modes, such as manual, auto, motion detection, etc.

  • Playback and backup of recorded files

  • Network settings and functions, such as DHCP, PPPOE, DDNS, FTP, etc.

  • Remote access and monitoring by IE browser, mobile app, CMS, etc.

  • PTZ control and alarm settings

  • System settings and maintenance

  • Error codes and troubleshooting tips

The user manual also includes some appendices that provide additional information on the DVR. For example:

  • Appendix A: DVR Specifications

  • Appendix B: DVR Dimensions

  • Appendix C: DVR Default Settings

  • Appendix D: DVR Port Mapping

  • Appendix E: DVR FAQ

If you have any questions or problems with the DVR, you can contact ZuumMedia customer service at 1-888-861-7351 or You can also visit their website at [] for more information and resources.

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