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Nokia 5130 Rm 495 Firmware V 07 95 Rar

Here you will find the direct link to download Stock Firmware for your Nokia 5130 (RM-495) Nokia BB5 device. The zip package included with Flash File and how-to Flash manual instructions. Use Any Nokia Flasher Interface for flash via FBUS or USB.

Nokia 5130 Rm 495 Firmware V 07 95 Rar

Download Zip:

Q : Why offline ? You can use online update with Nokia Software Updater (NSU).A : Thats because i have a bad internet connection.If download offline firmware from rapidshare failed i just re-download again and again,BUT if download online update through NSU failed then your phone DEAD.

Q : I have N70 or N73 or another N-series. I want to upgrade to Music Edition or Internet Edition with the latest firmware. Is that possible ?A : Yes. This is what i have done. Just follow this article.

4. Flashing dead phones [Which show only white screen on startup] :Note : You can install any firmware in dead phones whether it is latest and or the old one.Note (Again) : You can make a deadphone if you want. Just unplug your cable while flashing.

5. If you want to install another update to your phone after some months, first remove the previous version you installed in C:\Program files\Nokia\Phoenix\Products\Delete all the contents of Products folder before installing a new firmware.

hey bro i got 5130c-2 expres music whch is dead now. Specifications rm-495 product code-0577793. I got some firmware files bt whn i try to select product code in phoenix it say error signature file not found. Where to get firmware total files n can i update to latest firmware v 9.97. Give me link. Thnks.

sir, as per ur guide i succed in getng my phn alive. Thnks 4 tht. Nw m gettng problem tht m getting batery backup only for 5hrs (standby mode) i used many bateries those works in other phone perfect. Now what could be the problem hardware or software? My phone id was0577793 and i flashed with version 7.97 id 0571965. Coz it was only firmware for my reagon lang. Hindi. Plz help. Tnks n wht do u mean by flash with old firmware

Sir, my mobile phn is 5130 whose product code was 0577793 and firmware version was v7.91(guessing not sure. Such info found on net) now whn i got prblm with phn. I used ur guide and updates my firnware(v 7.97 latest, but i couldnt get my product code 0577793 so i chose another product code for hindi lang support. Using navifirm) now since i have u updated my firmware m getting problem of battery backup. Have no wifi n data conection is setted for when needed. Have not installed any app yet. How can i install previous firmware on my phn? Plz help. Thnks.

FLASH FILE FOR NOKIA MOBILES 1Flash file Nokia 1100 dct4 rh-18 v8.111100RH-18DCT4v8.111.9 MbMCUPPM 2Flash file Nokia 1101 dct4 rh-75 v5.041101RH-75DCT4v5.042.7 MbMCUPPM 3Flash file Nokia 1110 RH-70 DCT4 v6.401110RH-70DCT4v6.403.6 MbMCUPPM Image 4Flash file Nokia 1110i 1112 RH-93 DCT4 v7.021110i 1112RH-93DCT4v7.023.7 MbMCUPPM Image 5Flash file Nokia 1110i 1112 RH-93 DCT4 v6.411110i 1112RH-93DCT4v6.413.6 MbMCUPPM Image 6Flash file Nokia 1112i RH-94 DCT4 v3.301112iRH-94DCT4v3.303.7 MbMCUPPM Image 7Flash file Nokia 1200 RH-99 DCT4 v5.801200RH-99DCT4v5.803.6 MbMCUPPM Image 8Flash file Nokia 1202 RH-112 DCT4 v3.101202RH-112 DCT4v3.103.5 MbMCUPPM Image 9Flash file Nokia 1208 1209 RH-105 DCT4 v5.801208 1209RH-105 DCT4v5.803.6 MbMCUPPM Image 10Flash file Nokia 1600 RH-64 DCT4 v7.021600RH-64DCT4v7.023.7 MbMCUPPM Image 11Flash file Nokia 1650 RM-305 DCT4 v5.711650RM-305DCT4v5.715.2 MbMCUPPM Image 12Flash file Nokia 1661 RH-122 DCT4 v3.701661RH-122 DCT4v3.705.1 MbMCUPPM Image 13Flash file Nokia 1680c RM-394 DCT4 v6.821680cRM-394DCT4v6.8215.3 MbMCUPPM Image 14Flash file Nokia 2100 NAM-2 DCT3 v7.782100NAM-2 DCT3v7.781.2 MbMCUPPM 15Flash file Nokia 2300 RM-4 DCT4 v8.112300RM-4DCT4v8.112 Mb MCUPPM 16Flash file Nokia 2310 RM-189 DCT4 v6.522310RM-189DCT4v6.523.6 MbMCUPPM Image 17Flash file Nokia 2330c RM-512 DCT4 v6.752330cRM-512DCT4v6.7520.7 MbMCUPPM Image 18Flash file Nokia 2600 RH-59 DCT4 v6.422600RH-59DCT4v6.423.1 MbMCUPPM Image 19Flash file Nokia 2600c RM-340 DCT4 v6.822600cRM-340DCT4v6.8215.3 MbMCUPPM Image 20Flash file Nokia 2610 RH-86 DCT4 v7.112610RH-86DCT4v7.1110.9 MbMCUPPM Image 21Flash file Nokia 2626 RM-291 DCT4 v6.812626RM-291DCT4v6.8111.5 MbMCUPPM Image 22Flash file Nokia 2630 dct4 rm-298 v57.202630RM-298DCT4v57.2015.9 MbMCUPPM Image 23Flash file Nokia 2630 RM-298 DCT4 v7.602630RM-298DCT4v7.6015.9 MbMCUPPM Image 24Flash file Nokia 2650 2652 RH-53 DCT4 v6.192650 2652RH-53DCT4v6.196.7 MbMCUPPM Image 25Flash file Nokia 2680s RM-392 DCT4 v6.172680sRM-392DCT4v6.1716.3 MbMCUPPM Image 26Flash file Nokia 2760 RM-258 v05.202760RM-258DCT4v05.2016.5 MbMCUPPM Image 27Flash file Nokia 2760 RM-258 v06.822760RM-258DCT4v06.8216.6 MbMCUPPM Image 28Flash file Nokia 3100 3120 RH-19 DCT4 v6.313100 3120RH-19DCT4v6.316.4 MbMCUPPM Image 29Flash file Nokia 3110c RM-237 BB5 v7.013110cRM-237BB5v7.0114.7 MbDownload 30Flash file Nokia 3200 RH-30 DCT4 v5.343200RH-30DCT4v5.346.2 MbMCUPPM Image 31Flash file Nokia 3210 NSE-8 DCT3 v6.003210NSE-8DCT3v6.001.4 MbMCUPPM 32Flash file Nokia 3220 RH-37 DCT4 v5.903220RH-37DCT4v5.9011.2 MbMCUPPM Image 33Flash file Nokia 3230 RM-51 WD2 v5.0717.03230RM-51WD2v5.0717.017.1 MbDownload 34Flash file Nokia 3250 RM-38 BB5 v4.603250RM-38BB5v4.6029.5 MbMCUPPM Image 35Flash file Nokia 3300 NEM-1 DCT4 v5.203300NEM-1 DCT4v5.207.4 MbMCUPPM Image 36Flash file Nokia 3310 NHM-5 DCT3 v6.333310NHM-5 DCT3v6.331.1 MbMCUPPM 37Flash file Nokia 3330 NHM-6 DCT3 v4.503330NHM-6 DCT3v4.501.6 MbMCUPPM 38Flash file Nokia 3350 NHM-9 DCT3 v5.303350NHM-9 DCT3v5.301.7 MbMCUPPM 39Flash file Nokia 3390 NPB-1 DCT3 v7.163390NPB-1DCT3v7.161.7 MbMCUPPM 40Flash file Nokia 3410 NHM-2 DCT3 v5.463410NHM-2 DCT3v5.462.2 MbMCUPPM 41Flash file Nokia 3510 NHM-8 DCT4 v5.023510NHM-8 DCT4v5.026.5 MbMCUPPM 42Flash file Nokia 3510i RH-9 DCT4 v5.353510iRH-9DCT4v5.356.2 MbMCUPPM Image 43Flash file Nokia 3610 NAM-1 DCT3 v5.213610NAM-1 DCT3v5.211.9 MbMCUPPM 44Flash file Nokia 3650 NHL-8 WD2 v4.173650NHL-8WD2v4.1710.8 MbDownload 45Flash file Nokia 3660 NHL-8x WD2 v5.083660NHL-8xWD2v5.0810.7 MbDownload 46Flash file Nokia 5000 RM-362 DCT4 v5.455000RM-362DCT4v5.4534 MbMCUPPM Image 47Flash file Nokia 5030c-2 RM-524 DCT4 v3.755030c-2 RM-524DCT4v3.755.1 MbMCUPPM Image 48Flash file Nokia 5100 NPM-6 DCT4 v5.205100NPM-6 DCT4v5.206.4 MbMCUPPM Image 49Flash file Nokia 5110 NSE-1 DCT3 v5.305110NSE-1DCT3v5.300.6 MbMCUPPM 50Flash file Nokia 5110i NSE-2 DCT3 v5.535110iNSE-2DCT3v5.530.8 MbMCUPPM 51Flash file Nokia 5130 NSK-1 DCT3 v5.715130NSK-1DCT3v5.710.5 MbMCUPPM 52Flash file Nokia 5130c-2 RM-495 BB5 v6.655130c-2 RM-495BB5v6.6530.1 MbMCUPPM Image 53Flash file Nokia 5140 NPL-5 DCT4 v3.175140NPL-5DCT4v3.1710.1 MbMCUPPM Image 54Flash file Nokia 5140i RM-104 DCT4 v3.805140iRM-104DCT4v3.8011.7 MbMCUPPM Image 55Flash file Nokia 5190 NSB-1 DCT3 v6.715190NSB-1DCT3v6.710.7 MbMCUPPM 56Flash file Nokia 5210 NSM-2 DCT3 v5.405210NSM-2 DCT3v5.402 Mb MCUPPM 57Flash file Nokia 5300 RM-146 BB5 v7.205300RM-146BB5v7.2015.6 MbMCUPPM Image 58Flash file Nokia 5310 RM-303 BB5 v10.105310RM-303BB5v10.1026.8 MbMCUPPM Image 59Flash file Nokia 5510 NPM-5 DCT3 v3.535510NPM-5 DCT3v3.531.5 MbMCUPPM 60Flash file Nokia 5610d-1 RM-242 BB5 v10.005610d-1 RM-242BB5v10.0043.47 MbMCUPPM Image 61Flash file Nokia 5800d-1 rm-356 v21.0.0255800d-1 RM-356BB5v21.0.02579.3 MbMCUPPM Image 62Flash file Nokia 6020 RM-30 DCT4 v5.226020RM-30DCT4v5.2211.2 MbMCUPPM Image 63Flash file Nokia 6021 RM-94 DCT4 v4.906021RM-94DCT4v4.9011.3 MbMCUPPM Image 64Flash file Nokia 6030 RM-74 DCT4 v5.406030RM-74DCT4v5.408.7 MbMCUPPM Image 65Flash file Nokia 6060 RH-73 DCT4 v5.116060RH-73DCT4v5.1110.6 MbMCUPPM Image 66Flash file Nokia 6060v RH-97 DCT4 v3.036060vRH-97DCT4v3.0310.7 MbMCUPPM Image 67Flash file Nokia 6070 6080 RM-166 DCT4 v4.226070 6080RM-166DCT4v04.2211.5 MbMCUPPM Image 68Flash file Nokia 6090 NME-3 DCT3 v5.306090NME-3 DCT3v5.300.8 MbMCUPPM 69Flash file Nokia 6100 NPL-2 DCT4 v6.316100NPL-2DCT4v06.316.5 MbMCUPPM Image 70Flash file Nokia 6101 RM-76 DCT4 v5.226101RM-76DCT4v05.2211.8 MbMCUPPM Image 71Flash file Nokia 6103 RM-161 DCT4 v05.226103RM-161DCT4v05.2213.2 MbMCUPPM Image 72Flash file Nokia 6110 NSE-3 DCT3 v5.486110NSE-3DCT3v5.480.6 MbMCUPPM 73Flash file Nokia 6111 RM-82 DCT4 v3.856111RM-82DCT4v03.8517.9 MbMCUPPM Image 74Flash file Nokia 6120c RM-243 BB5 v06.516120cRM-243BB5v06.5150.2 MbMCUPPM 75Flash file Nokia 6130 NSK-3 DCT3 v5.616130NSK-3DCT3v5.610.8 MbMCUPPM 76Flash file Nokia 6131 RM-115 BB5 v6.606131RM-115BB5v6.6015 MbMCUPPM Image 77Flash file Nokia 6150 NSM-1 DCT3 v5.226150NSM-1 DCT3v5.220.8 MbMCUPPM 78Flash file Nokia 6170 RM-47 DCT4 v3.256170RM-47DCT4v03.2512 MbMCUPPM Image 79Flash file Nokia 6190 NSB-3 DCT3 v6.136190NSB-3DCT3</b

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