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Virtual Acoustic - Guerrini Superior 2 Accordion For NI Kontakt VST

the accordion sampler for native instruments kontakt gives you the possibility to make your own accordion samples with any of the 13 right hand and 1 left hand registers. new guerrini professional 4 engine, completely different from previous versions. each of the 13 registers is sampled in 4 variations and 3 levels of dynamic, from soft (slow and gently) to very staccato (fast and sharp).

Virtual Acoustic - Guerrini Superior 2 accordion for NI Kontakt VST

virtual acoustic offers a wide variety of sounds. you can choose the key, bellows and register noises to suit your current project and personal preference. if you are after an easy to use instrument, with the possibility to get a lot of sounds out of it, this is the accordion for you.

all of the sounds and samples in the 'virtual acoustic' range are recorded in the best possible quality, using the highest quality instruments. in addition to the samples, we have also included a sample editor where you can customize the sounds to your liking. the editor gives you access to all of the aspects of the samples, allowing you to create the sounds that you want, or alter any aspect of a sample. if you are after a specific sound, simply load the sample you want into the editor and edit it to your liking, creating your very own sound!

virtual acoustic accordion is the easy to use program that has all the features of their accordion that can increase the quality of your project. virtual acoustic accordion is an easy to use program that has the built-in reverb, echo, and attack time. both of the accordion has the sound and the style of play of their respective accordion. you can also download ueberschall trumpet 2 free download.

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