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Catia V5 Portable Format Specification (3.0) - the format used byall Installer (3.0.2) - the installer used for allapps in Launcher (2.1.2) - make apps portable withoutwriting Launcher Application Template 2.4 (Download) AppCompactor - make your apps smaller withoutaffecting functionality

Catia V5 Portable

I understand that it is not necessarly portable but the idea isthat you endup with a reusable interface. Who is ready forthe challenge ? Here the idea is that PortableApps provide aPlatform to work with. Do you have anyother idea on how to dothis in an easy/standard way without to much development effort?

I imagine thatas long as CATIA totally relies on environment variables that wecan adjust to match portable disk location it's doable. Basically,we can create a batch/script that would set up environmentaccording to current location and put it on the USB-disk along withcomplete CATIA installation. Each time drive is mounted batchshould be run.

Hi, I already install, but, also follow activation setup step by step, it done for the first time, but after I close the app, I have to do the activation setup again.I also try the portable one, but cannot start the app at all

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I tried to make a portable for Catia P3 V5R19. The package was made for both Thinstall and the USB options. The executable from the bin folder is not working for both options. I noticed that the executable icon on the desktop for the original installation has to provoke an environment like this:

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