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Badmaash Company 1080p: The Story of Four Friends Who Start an Import Business in the 90s

much to these guys dismay, people learn that theyre running an illegal business. there are stretches of pure thrills that never quite come together. for a joke he comes up with, karan arranges for a pizza man to burst into their home as if he were coming to deliver a pizza to their home. karan and bulbul jump in the window to scare the guy off, then lead him into their bedroom to scare him off again. (bulbulsself is in the room, stark naked, in the early stages of labour.) the whole thing feels routine, rather than organic, and there are ways of making us shake with laughter and then break out in cold sweat with sheer terror. several issues in this world are addressed, but theyre pushed to the sidelines as the plot steepens. its the revenge on karans boss, a corrupt politician who wants to run for the indian national congresss (inc) top spot, a career move that can get him out of prison for sure. with it comes a chequered relationship with a friend/spy, another old friend/torture victim, and a slick shift in karans attitude toward money and people in general. seeing him struggle with these issues is not a comfortable experience.

Badmaash Company 1080p

prakash raj, the gluttonous chai wallah who is into a trading scam with bulbul, is the perfect part for him. so, too, is bulbul, the bewitching son of the customs officer, who boasts of going to yale law school. (by the way, prakash raj attended nyu school of law.) naseeruddin shah, the doting father in the film, is a great casting choice. he has just completed a busy schedule of several films. sayantani ghosh, who is in taare zameen par, is a perfect call. she can really do magic with a simple hand gesture. wasim akram, of waqt, is a stand out. this is a role tailor-made for him. aishwarya rai, the college girl karan loves, is too good to miss. when she steps on screen, the film takes on a different meaning.

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