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Where To Buy Tartufo Ice Cream

"Tartufo Bianco" is Italian for "White Truffle". An intensive coffee flavour is achieved by use of extracted coffee sourced from South America. The cream ice cream contains 33% fresh cream and its mild creamy taste perfectly weds with the expresso ice cream. Finishing touch with Italian meringue.

where to buy tartufo ice cream

With the summer sun blazing and temperatures rising, it's only natural to seek the reprieve of a frozen dessert. Ice cream doesn't feel juvenile when the world is melting around you, it feels necessary. My personal preference is a sugar cone stacked a mile high with a combination of ice cream scoops that I have selected with agonizing thought and deliberation. There are many a tasting spoons left in my wake when it comes to me and ice cream.

But there's always that moment when the ice cream is gone. That last bite - it's so delicious, yet so very sad. Recently, I found myself in this state of emotional turmoil, and I started thinking, do other people around the world love ice cream as much as I do?

It turns out, the answer is yes. Except ice cream doesn't look the same the world over. From frozen beans doused in algae jelly to stretchy ice cream spun on a stick, here is a look at how ice cream is enjoyed around the world.

New Zealand: Real Fruit Ice Cream Compared to ais kacang, the Kiwi riff on ice cream is downright mundane. But it made the list, if nothing else because I fell in love with real fruit ice cream when I was in New Zealand. The joy of real fruit ice cream is in the process as much as the taste. Just name your fruit and scoops of it will be tossed, along with bricks of vanilla ice cream, into a large funnel. Down comes a giant drill bit, churning and extruding a creamy, fruity swirl that is rich and decadent. An added bonus is that you can tell yourself that it's healthy because it's packed with real fruit.

Taiwan: Snow Ice Snow ice is essentially the love child of ice cream and shave ice. Born from a frozen block of sweetened cream, the process is not unlike that of shaving meat for a doner kebab. Except with snow ice the result is delicate, ribbon-like sheets of ice cream that pile up into a mountain of deliciousness. Drizzled with sauces or syrups, sprinkled with nuts or candy, Snow Ice is a rich and creamy dessert that feels as light as air.

Like Thailand's stir fried ice cream, the process of making dondurma doubles as a street act. Using a long pole, the ice cream is pulled from its frozen tub and swung through the air, stretching like taffy before being placed back in its freezer. Also like stir fried ice cream, the process needs to be seen to be believed.

Want to try Philadelphia style ice cream but looking for something a touch more exciting than Breyer's? Check out Jeni's Splendid Ice Cream - one part artistry, one part ice cream genius, it is Philadelphia style ice cream at it's finest.

Directions: Combine the cookie crumbs and chocolate chunks in a large resealable bag. Using a large round ice cream scoop, scoop out a ball of ice cream and leave it in the scoop. Poke a hole in the center of the scoop with a handle of a wooden spoon and put a cherry into the hole. Cover the hole with a bit of ice cream and put the scoop of ice cream into the bag of cookies and chocolate pieces. Shake around pressing gently to completely coat the ice cream. Put the scoop on a tray and freeze for 30 minutes. Repeat the process with remaining ingredients. Before serving, divide the caramel sauce among 4 plates. Remove the Tartufos from the freezer and slice them in half. Arrange 2 halves on each plate and garnish with mint sprigs or ground pistachio..

Originating from Pizzo in Calabria, this tartufo di Pizzo recipe is one of chef Francesco Mazzei's favourite dishes from the region. Unwrapping the paper exterior reveals a chocolate ice cream bombe with a hidden centre of hazelnut ice cream, sugared hazelnuts and thick chocolate sauce. The cocoa-dusted dome resembles a tartufo (black truffle), and was supposedly created in Pizzo in the 1950s to solve a dessert crisis at an important feast. While this dish requires several hours of chilling and freezing, all the elements can be made well in advance which makes this a perfect dinner party dessert.

If not enjoying right away let the chocolate set fully, about 10-15 minutes, place tartufo on a clean plate, and wrap with plastic wrap.Ditch the pints this Valentine's and enjoy a Tartufo for 2! @So_Delicious #dairyfree #glutenfree #vegan Click To Tweet

Just like the expensive and rare fungi it's named after, a tartufo is elegant and delicious. Meaning truffle in Italian, the tartufo is a frozen ice cream dessert generally with nuts or fruit at the center. It also has a sweet outer layer made of chocolate cookie crumbs, cocoa powder, or a chocolate shell.

Making a tartufo may sound like it requires the skills of an expert chef or chocolatier, but it's a relatively easy process that can be done at home with just a little time and some creativity. Some of the more common ice cream flavors used to form a tartufo are chocolate, vanilla, pistachio, and hazelnut, but ultimately anything goes. While fairly simple to make, the beautiful appearance of the tartufo makes it appropriate for an upscale gathering, but its appealing quality makes it suitable to be served at children's birthday parties or after Sunday dinner. And let's face it, does anyone ever really need an excuse to enjoy ice cream?

The story goes that the tartufo was first created in the 1950s as a way to still serve dessert at a wedding after the confectioner ran out of gelato cups in the city of Pizzo, which is found in the region of Calabria in southern Italy. Under pressure not to disappoint the wedding guests, Don Pippo decided to take the ice cream, form it into balls, and then roll them in cocoa powder for an outer coating before wrapping them in paper to be served. That first iteration of the tartufo was made of two kinds of ice cream, hazelnut and chocolate.

Other origin stories differ slightly (some say the event was not a wedding but a feast for a new prince), but the same ice cream hero, Don Pippo, is still the creator of the tartufo. Born in Sicily, Pippo likely would have been familiar with making arancini, a rice ball stuffed with sauce and vegetables that are rolled in breadcrumbs and fried. In the case of the tartufo, Pippo opted to use cocoa powder for the outer layer, giving the dessert an appearance similar to the black truffles dug up from the earth. And thus, the tartufo was born.

There are many variations of tartufo; after all, it simply is two kinds of ice cream with a filling and an outer shell. Some call for vanilla and pistachio ice cream with maraschino cherries in the center. The concoction is then coated with crumbled chocolate wafer cookies and a chocolate shell. Another combination can include chocolate and vanilla ice cream, Amarena cherries, hot fudge, and amaretti cookies that is encased in a chocolate shell that is further topped with crushed hazelnuts.

Cherries at the center of the tartufo are common; Martha Stewart even uses two at the center of her tartufo with chocolate and pistachio ice cream that has been coated with crushed chocolate wafer cookies and finished with a chocolate shell made of melted semisweet chocolate. Ice cream maker Long Island Tartufo sells the dessert in a variety of flavors, such as rainbow cookie, spumoni, peanut butter, and white chocolate Parisienne with a raspberry sorbet center. Ultimately, a tartufo can be made to fit personal tastes or the theme of a gathering.

Personal taste not only determines what ingredients are used to create a tartufo but also its size. Individual or shareable serving methods are both common. Martha Stewart uses a small glass bowl lined with plastic wrap. Each ice cream flavor is packed into one side of the bowl with a cherry placed in an indentation made in each ice cream flavor. The cherry is then covered with more ice cream. Once this stage is completed, it's wrapped in plastic and then put in the freezer for a minimum of two hours or even overnight. After the ice cream is frozen, the cookie crumbles can be lightly pushed into the exterior of the ice cream to form a layer. Then, it needs to be rewrapped and frozen again. Finally, once unwrapped, the tartufo is placed on a wire rack, and chocolate is drizzled over the ball of ice cream to form a shell and then allowed to cool and harden before serving. Or the dessert can be frozen again to be served later.

While Chef Geoffrey Zakarian prefers chocolate cookie crumbles for the outer layer on his tartufo, he says that chocolate shavings or chocolate chips work just as well. He also notes not to worry about the tartufo being a perfect ball because if it has a flat bottom, it is easier to serve in a dish. The key is to have fun, get creative, and make something cool and delicious to savor. 041b061a72

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