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Google SketchUp Pro 2018 V18.1.1456 (x86x64) Keygen

Google SketchUp Pro 2018: A Powerful 3D Modeling Software

Google SketchUp Pro 2018 is a 3D modeling software that allows you to create and edit 3D models of anything you can imagine. Whether you want to design a building, a furniture, a landscape, or a video game, SketchUp Pro 2018 can help you turn your ideas into reality.

SketchUp Pro 2018 is the latest version of the software, released in November 2017. It has many new features and improvements that make it easier and faster to create high-quality 3D models. Some of the highlights are:


  • Advanced Attributes: You can now embed useful information into your model when creating and managing components. You can define the Price, Size and URL attributes when creating or editing components, as well as the Owner and Status attributes for each component instance via the Entity Info dialog. This can help you organize your model, generate reports, and export data to other applications.

  • Aggregation in Generate Report: You can now aggregate component data in Generate Report, so you can extract and organize information contained in your models. You can configure Generate Report to sum parts and quantities for schedules and cutlists, or create detailed pricing estimates by listing prices by layer. You can also customize the report layout and export it to various formats.

  • IFC Export Improvements: You can now export your model to IFC format with more accuracy and compatibility. The IFC exporter ensures that the attributes you bring in from other applications or manipulate in SketchUp stay with your work when it leaves SketchUp. This can help you collaborate with other professionals in the building industry using BIM (Building Information Modeling) standards.

  • Named Section Planes: You can now name your section planes and assign them symbols that display in your modeling window. Your section planes are also unique SketchUp entities that can be found in Outliner and manipulated in Entity Info. You can use Outliner to quickly find, select and edit specific planes. You can use Entity Info to edit naming conventions and organize section cuts into layers. You can also control the visibility of your section planes, cuts and fills via Styles.

  • Filled, Styled Section Cuts: You can now toggle section fills on or off, and set your desired fill color in Styles. When section fills are toggled on, SketchUp will render a fill on top of cleanly modeled sections. You can also troubleshoot geometry problems that are preventing SketchUp from recognizing the section you want to fill.

  • Section Plane Performance: The performance of models that use section planes to hide large amounts of geometry has been improved. The more geometry you section off, the more youll benefit from this enhancement.

  • Outliner Performance: Outliner no longer refreshes on many transactions that dont need it. Additionally, the sort order in Outliner has been improved to be more logical and consistent.

SketchUp Pro 2018 is available for Windows 10, 8 (64-bit) and Mac OS 11.0, 10.15, 10.14 (64-bit). You can download the latest version from [SketchUp website] or use the silent installer (MSI) for Windows. If you need SketchUp in another language, you can visit the [Downloads page] to find the appropriate version for your region.

SketchUp Pro 2018 is a powerful 3D modeling software that can help you create anything you can imagine. Whether you are a professional or a hobbyist, SketchUp Pro 2018 can help you unleash your creativity and turn your ideas into reality. Here are some more topics that you can include in your article: SketchUp Pro 2018 Features

SketchUp Pro 2018 is not only a 3D modeling software, but also a complete suite of tools that can help you with every stage of your design process. SketchUp Pro 2018 includes the following features:

  • SketchUp: The core 3D modeling tool that lets you draw, push, pull, rotate, scale and paint anything you can imagine. SketchUp has a simple and intuitive interface that makes it easy to learn and use. SketchUp also has a large and active community of users who share their models and tips on the [3D Warehouse] and the [SketchUp Forum].

  • LayOut: A 2D documentation and presentation tool that lets you create professional drawings from your 3D models. LayOut allows you to add dimensions, annotations, labels, title blocks, and other elements to your drawings. You can also export your drawings to PDF, DWG, or image formats.

  • Style Builder: A tool that lets you create custom sketchy-edge styles for your SketchUp models. Style Builder allows you to use strokes from your own hand-drawn sketches or from a collection of pre-made strokes. You can also adjust the parameters of your styles, such as the level of detail, the extension, the jitter, and the frequency.

  • Extension Warehouse: A online repository of extensions that can enhance the functionality of SketchUp. Extensions are add-ons that can perform various tasks, such as creating complex shapes, adding animation, importing and exporting different file formats, and more. You can browse, download, and install extensions from the [Extension Warehouse] or from within SketchUp.

SketchUp Pro 2018 System Requirements

To run SketchUp Pro 2018 smoothly on your computer, you need to meet the following minimum system requirements:

Operating SystemWindows 10/8 (64-bit)Mac OS 11.0/10.15/10.14 (64-bit)

Processor1 GHz or higher2.1 GHz or higher

Memory4 GB RAM or higher4 GB RAM or higher

Hard Disk Space500 MB or higher500 MB or higher

Graphics Card3D class with 512 MB VRAM or higher3D class with 512 MB VRAM or higher

Internet ConnectionRequired for software activation and access to online featuresRequired for software activation and access to online features

Display Resolution1024 x 768 or higher1024 x 768 or higher

Multimedia DeviceA three-button mouse with scroll wheel is recommended for navigation.A three-button mouse with scroll wheel is recommended for navigation.

Languages SupportedEnglish, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Korean, Japanese, Brazilian Portuguese, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional)

SketchUp Pro 2018 Pricing and Licensing Options

If you want to use SketchUp Pro 2018 for personal or professional purposes, you have two options to choose from:

  • SketchUp Pro Subscription: This option gives you access to SketchUp Pro 2018 and all the other products in the SketchUp portfolio for one year. You also get unlimited cloud storage, premium support, and access to exclusive features and learning resources. The subscription costs $299 per year. You can renew your subscription annually or cancel it anytime.

  • SketchUp Pro Classic License: This option gives you a perpetual license to use SketchUp Pro 2018 on one computer. You also get one year of maintenance and support that includes updates and bug fixes. The license costs $695. You can upgrade your license to the latest version for $120 per year or keep using the version you have indefinitely.

You can also try SketchUp Pro 2018 for free for 30 days by downloading the trial version from the [SketchUp website]. The trial version has all the features of the full version, except that it does not allow you to print or export your models. You can also use SketchUp Free, a web-based version of SketchUp that has limited features, but is free to use for personal projects. Here are some more topics that you can include in your article: SketchUp Pro 2018 Tips and Tricks

SketchUp Pro 2018 is a versatile and powerful 3D modeling software that can help you create amazing models with ease. However, there are some tips and tricks that can make your modeling experience even better. Here are some of them:

  • Use keyboard shortcuts: Keyboard shortcuts can save you time and clicks when modeling in SketchUp. You can use the default shortcuts or customize your own in the Preferences dialog. Some of the most useful shortcuts are: Q for Push/Pull, R for Rectangle, L for Line, C for Circle, M for Move, S for Scale, and Spacebar for Select.

  • Use inferencing and snapping: Inferencing and snapping are features that help you draw and align your geometry accurately. Inferencing is the ability of SketchUp to infer the direction, angle, or alignment of your cursor based on the existing geometry. Snapping is the ability of SketchUp to snap your cursor to a specific point, such as an endpoint, midpoint, or intersection. You can use inferencing and snapping by paying attention to the color and shape of your cursor and the tooltips that appear on the screen.

  • Use groups and components: Groups and components are ways to organize your geometry into logical units that can be easily selected, moved, copied, or edited. Groups are collections of geometry that act as a single entity. Components are similar to groups, but they have additional benefits, such as being able to create multiple instances that update automatically when one is edited, having attributes that can store information, and being able to access them from the 3D Warehouse or your own library.

Use layers and scenes: Layers and scenes are ways to control the visibility and appearance of your model. Layers are containers that hold groups or components. You can assign different layers

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